Tip of the Week: Increase SMS engagement with reminders

We’ve all done it. We see a text, we don’t respond to the text…we forget about the text. Despite best intentions, sometimes messages fall through the cracks. That’s why using gentle reminders sent via SMS can be a powerful tool in drawing a customer back into a workflow, thus increasing the odds that customers will complete an SMS campaign.

To set up reminders navigate to the module in the Ushur Builder that requires the customer input and do the following:

  • Click on Reminder
  • Toggle the reminder button to Enable
  • Input the reminder frequency and the maximum number of reminders that should be sent
  • Input a reminder message (optional)
  • Ensure that that the reminder jumps to the correct module

Check out more SMS best practices here, or share your tips for using reminders in the comments below!

Can reminders also be used for the email module?

@jenna.wayton - yes! The process is the same, just click on ‘Reminder’ in the modlue and you’ll see the customization options.

Also, make sure “Send message by Invisible App only” check box is selected! That stops the workflow at the email module and waits for the user to click on the embedded Invisible App link to continue (if any) instead of continuing down the workflow.


Most of the fields in the reminder settings are variable supported. Hence, we can create a dynamic workflow which will work in an unique way based on customer needs.

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